Add more Google Code-in tasks!

GNOME needs 3 more outreach, 3 more QA, 4 more training and 5 UI tasks to be able to participate in Google Code-in! Add tasks by the end of tomorrow to the wiki page or GNOME won’t be able to participate, which will make Andre very sad ;_;

5 thoughts on “Add more Google Code-in tasks!

    • I don’t think that’s a suitable task for a 13-17 year old 🙂 you might want to start with a simpler one, it’s great that you’re volunteering to mentor people!

  1. Where would be a good place to post tasks which seem suitable but which need a mentor? I know of a handful of such tasks, but I don’t have the time to serve as a mentor.

    • Add them to the page, but instead of adding a mentor, just write “need mentor” in bright red or something along those lines, so it’s obvious when people scroll through the page.

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