Updating Vinagre help

A couple of months after I finished rewriting the Vinagre help in Mallard, I have had to come back to it because the user interface changed quite significantly (and will continue to change), so some of the help pages needed rewriting/removing/reordering. Dave also noticed that the online version of the help was rather old and Damned Lies showed more translations of the help than actually existed.

One bug and a fix later, the online version should always be up-to-date now. Damned Lies has also been updated (the bug was fixed very quickly by Claude Paroz) which was followed by a surge of translations! More are always welcome 🙂

Vinagre help

Vinagre help

4 thoughts on “Updating Vinagre help

    • Thanks for pointing that out, I can see two correction in your commit, did that cover all three problems? The wording on the second string wasn’t much better after the fix, so I’ve separated that part into a step and a note, as one doesn’t always have to have the remote confirm the connection.

      By the way, it would be really awesome if you could push the original help corrections separately from the translations next time, as I completely missed it 🙂

      • As the maintainer, I agree that commits that make changes to the help should be kept separate from translation fixes, as I had also missed the changes. I am also happy for documentation fixes to me made without maintainer approval, as I treat documentation similarly to translations.

      • Yes, sorry, my bad not separating them. And now the second message is much more clear.

        Thanks for the job!

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